Administration & Support Staff

The administration of WACSEP provides a variety of supports for the member districts, as well as for WACSEP staff. The administrators oversee all of the departments and facilitate the coordination of services with the member districts. The administrative staff, both certificated and classified, provide significant technical assistance to the member districts, both programatic and financial. The staff also oversee the requirements of the SELPA Local Plan and collaborate with multiple agencies and the community on behalf of the SELPA and the member districts. 


WACSEP also has multiple staff that support the member districts and/or WACSEP staff. The support staff provide expertise in a variety of areas, based on their professional experience. Member districts can reach out to them for technical assistance, consultation, and/or programmatic support.


Janet Queneau
Executive Director
Ext. 8280 
Karla Rahiman
Program Manager
Ext. 8217
Kristine Ramos
Program Manager
Ext. 8213

America Saisho
Administrative Specialist
Ext. 8218 

Jessica Burgos
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 8280 


Kolia Ponce
Program Specialist
Ext. 2401

Lisa Torres
Program Specialist
Ext. 8221

Nanci Lynch
Orthopedic Impairment Specialist
Ext. 2403

Brandi Nerio
SELPA Liaison
Ext. 8309

Debbie Hernandez
Ext. 8203

Paula Miller
Part C to Part B Transition Coordinator 
Ext. 8226


Arlene Banuelos 
Ext. 8222

Adahena Gutierrez
Ext. 8225



Darin Barber
Legal Counsel


Jeremy Rytky
Legal Counsel


Malissa Juarez
Legal Assistant
Ext. 8273
Rachel Saragueta
Legal Assistant
Ext. 8274