Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing

The DHH Department provides consultation, direct services, assessment/screenings and program support for students with a diagnosed or suspected hearing loss that impacts educational access. Staff is comprised of specialists with expertise in supporting students with hearing loss, including program specialists, itinerant teachers, auditory therapists, speech pathologist, and audiologists who work closely with district staff to provide and maintain specialized equipment, promote awareness, self-advocacy and social support for DHH students, and provide academic support in relation to the hearing loss. The department serves students from birth to 22 years of age. 


Sarah Carlton
DHH Program Specialist
Ext. 8210
Dr. Natalie Perez
Ext. 8307        
Dr. Lanchi Kim
Ext. 8307

Jessica Gosselin
Auditory Specialist
Ext. 8239

Maria Nanez
DHH Itinerant
Ext. 8308
Charissa Powers
DHH Itinerant
Ext. 8246

Melanie Ronquillo
Speech-Language Pathologist

Ext. 8241