Preschool Intake Assessment Teams

The WACSEP Preschool Intake Assessment Team (PIAT) consists of four teams located throughout the SELPA. Each team consists of a school psychologist, a speech-language pathologist, and a speech-language pathology assistant (SLPA). Teams may also collaborate with other member, including WACSEP nurse, occupational therapists, physical theraqpists, special education teachers, deaf and hard of hearing speacialists, and vision specialists, etc. The teams provide the following:

  • Assessment of students between the ages of 2-years, 9 months to kindergarten. 
  • Consult with parents and/or WACSEP staff concerned with preschool developmental delays in speech/language, cognition, social-emotional, adaptive, vision, hearing, medical etc. 
  • Conduct transdisciplinary developmental assessments in all areas of suspected disability
  • Observe students in their current preschool programs when applicable
  • Analyze assessment data and write comprehensive assesment reports
  • Coordinate and hold IEP meetings to present assessment results and determine eligibility.


MarVista Intake Team (562) 907 -6164

Serving East Whittier School District 

  Maricela Flores
Speech/Language Pathology Asst.
Rhonda Lytton
School Psychologist
Dr. Marcy Fox
Speech/Language Pathologist


Longfellow Intake Team (562) 789 -3189

Serving Whittier City School District

Carmen Jaramillo
Speech/Language Pathology Asst.

Victoria Gluck
School Psychologist

Johanna Sanchez
Speech/Language Pathologist


Lake Marie Intake Team (562) 944 - 1482

Serving Little Lake City School District and South Whittier School District.

Angie Salazar
Speech/Language Pathology Asst.
Kristin Ramirez
School Psychologist
Becky Brann
Speech/Language Pathologist


El Rancho Intake Team (562) 801-7379

Serving El Rancho Unified School District and Los Nietos School District.

Crystal Contreras
Speech/Language Pathology Asst.
Raul Bravo
School Psychologist
Rebecca Steelman
Speech/Language Pathologist