Visual Impairment

The VI Program conducts assessment of students who may have a visual impairment which impacts their ability to access materials and impacts their educational performance. Additionally, the VI Department provides: 

  • Instruction in reading and writing braille
  • Adaptation of materials 
  • Instruction in the 9 categories of the Expanded Core Curriculum including daily living skills, sensory efficiency and orientation and mobility
  • Consultation with classroom teachers and other service providers regarding adaptation of materials and instruction
  • Instruction in technology related to a student’s visual impairment or blindness (Braille Note, keyboarding instruction due to visual impairment, talking calculator, computer, iPad and phone accessibility)
  • Large print materials and instruction to low vision students in increasing visual efficiency
  • Braille transcription and enlarging of materials
  • Consultation with adult transition programs for students working in the community
  • Orientation and mobility instruction- introducing use of the cane, campus route travel
  • Community route travel, including street crossing and public transportation

Contact: (562) 698-8121 Ext. 8121

Marcus Stenzel
Orientation & Mobility
Rebekah Stepner
Orientation & Mobility
David Shade
Visual Impairment
Lori Willeford
Visual Impairment
Stacy Cordova
Visual Impairment
Kay Chomchavalit
Visual Impairment
Eunice Diaz
Cecy Lopez
Stacy Mendoza-Kleber